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The Seller is the legal entity Nemus Lex d.o.o.  Zagreb, Vukomerečka 2, personal identification number (OIB): 02881690679 that sells products to the Customer via websites and (hereinafter: Website). The Customer of the product is any natural or legal entity that buys products through the Website in a way that they deliver to the Seller a quote for buying a single product and/or a group of Seller's products. 

The relations between the Customer and the Seller shall be regulated with these General Terms and Conditions regarding the terms and the method of product ordering, product price, payment terms and methods; and terms of its use, complaint and agreement termination rights, delivery conditions, personal and other data protection as well as other matters related to the Website. 

Purchase Agreement between the Customer and the Seller shall be concluded at the moment the Seller's confirmation of order receipt arrives to the Customer's email address.Purchase and delivery may be carried out in the territory of the Republic of Croatia only. 

These General Terms and Conditions are published on the Website. The Customer has the option and is authorized to save, i.e., to print the General Terms and Conditions using a personal computer system.

Product purchase via the Website shall imply that the Customer has read and understood all of the stated information and consequently accepted these General Terms and Conditions as an integral part of the Purchase Agreement. The Seller is authorized to alter the content of these General Terms and Conditions without prior notice.

A natural person may be a Customer only if they are an adult and possess legal capacity. An agreement in the name of and on behalf of a minor and a person without legal capacity can be concluded by their legal representatives or guardians, and persons with partial legal capacity may conclude the agreement only with the agreement of their legal representative or guardian. The Seller shall not be held liable for conduct contrary to this provision.

.The Customer shall provide accurate, valid and complete personal data when filling out the registration form, and acting otherwise shall authorize the Seller access or realization of all or some services offered at the Website to such user. 


An online purchase can be realized only if the Customer logs in at the designated place and chooses a product, fills out the electronic order form and sends it to the Seller. Minimum order amount is 100.00 HRK (including VAT) without delivery costs.

The products available for purchase can be found on the Website, and alongside every displayed product, its specifications, price and corresponding attachments (declaration of conformity, user manual etc.) are listed. If the Customer completes the purchase of the product that has been sold in the meantime, the Seller shall contact the Customer to arrange further actions (refund, purchase of another product or delivery of the product within the shortest possible time when the Seller obtains the product).


All prices are in Croatian kuna (HRK), unless explicitly stated otherwise. The prices include value added tax (VAT). The prices do not include delivery costs and other costs. The prices do not include costs of Customer's telecommunication operator. The stated prices are valid at the time when the quote is sent. The Seller reserves the right to alter prices.

The Customer may pay for the ordered products and delivery by :

1.      cash on delivery (when receiving the product),

2.      credit card (Visa or MasterCard),

3.      bank transferaccording the received quote based on the order.

For payments made by cash on delivery, only cash payment is available.

For  payments made via credit card, the payer must be a person or an organization that is the owner of the credit card. The transaction is made on a secure server of Raiffeisenbank Austria d.d. (RBA) and RBA guarantees online purchase safety due to the implementation of 3-D Secure standards adopted by the Visa International (Verified by Visa) and MasterCard Worldwide (MasterCard SecureCode). You can read more about security and payment methods on RBA website on RBA e-ToMiTreba service.

The Customer agrees that, if the Seller suspects an abuse of any payment methods at its discretion, the Seller has to right and shall be explicitly authorized to stop any transaction without prior announcement and notification, and has the right to hand over all relevant information to the competent authorities for the purpose of prosecution of potential offenders.

The Seller is authorized to change prices without prior notice, as he is authorized to change prices exclusively for the webshop without prior notice. In addition, the Seller is authorized to determine a discount, daily or weekly special offers, a sale for a particular product, a group of products and/or all products without prior notice.

In addition, the Seller is authorized to determine a discount, daily or weekly special offers, a sale for a particular product, a group of products and/or all products without prior notice at the moment of order confirmation.

If the Customer cannot execute payment of the purchase price, the Seller is authorized to cancel the purchasing process unilaterally.


Delivery costs are set in accordance with the parcel value.

The cost of delivery is 20.00 HRK for orders between 100.00 and 300.00 HRK.

Delivery is free for orders above 300.00 HRK.


The Seller shall deliver ordered products to the Customer at the Customer's address or to the address of a third party specified in the Customer's order.

The delivery of ordered products is usually done via express courier service. The Seller shall retain the right to deliver products using other methods, for example, via registered mail or own delivery. The Customer authorizes the Seller to choose the delivery method solely at the Seller's discretion.

The product shall be considered delivered when the Customer or a person authorized by the Customer initials a written taking-over certificate for the product and delivers it to the Seller or hands it to the courier service.

The goods are insured against loss during delivery, and if the Customer, within 5 workdays  from order shipping, receives no notification or delivery from the Seller, i.e., from the postal or courier service, the Customer shall notify the Seller so the Seller could take actions to find the the parcel or to send another one.

All orders received during weekdays by 1:00 p.m. will be shipped on the same day. Other orders will be sent on the next workday. Delivery in the territory of the Republic of Croatia (exception to islands) usually takes one to two days (not including the date of the order, non-working days and holidays).

Additional information about the parcel delivery are available at: informacije o dostavi paketa 
The courier service delivery schedule for islands is available at: raspored vožnje kurirske službe za otoke

Note for islands: for the parcel to arrive in accordance with the delivery schedule of our courier partner, the order should be made by noon  at least two workdays before the scheduled date of delivery. General Logistics Systems Croatia d.o.o.(GLS) reserves the right to alter the delivery schedule and other services without prior notice in case of technical difficulties or force majeure, and, accordingly, the Seller shall also not assume liability.


The Seller, according the EU law (Directive 1999/44/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 May 1999 and Article 422 of the Civil Obligations Act) shall be held liable for non-compliance that becomes obvious during a period of two years after the delivery of goods.

For electrical appliances, the terms listed by the importer of the appliance in the warranty of the appliance shall be valid.

The liability of the Seller is limited to the value of purchased goods at the moment of purchase.

The Customer shall inspect the contents of the parcel for all corresponding parts listed in the manufacturer's specification upon the delivery of purchased goods. The Customer shall inspect the goods without delay and notify the Seller on apparent defects of the goods within 8 days.

If goods are damaged, have apparent defects or are not the goods that the Customer ordered, the Customer is not obliged to accept products and may return them to the courier service and notify the Seller on the identified defects. In such case, the Customer has the right to request substitute goods or a refund. The Seller shall notify the Customer about the possible date of new delivery via email. The Customer may then accept the new date of delivery or cancel the order. If the Customer decides to cancel the order, and the goods have already been paid with a credit card, the Seller will return the money by making a bank transfer to the Customer, no later than 7 days from the day of receiving the amount paid. 

If the Customer or a person authorized by the Customer is not at the delivery address at the time of delivery, the goods will be temporary kept at the post office or at a local/regional courier service location, about which the Customer needs to be notified via notice containing correct information.

The Seller cannot guarantee and be held liable for the speed and success of the delivery carried out by the courier service or bear any related consequences.

The Seller shall not be held liable for damages which may be caused to devices enabling access to the Website as well as to data stored on those devices when browsing the Website if the damage was caused by unlawful acts of third parties, computer viruses, etc., and other cases for which the Seller shall not be held liable. The Seller shall be exempted from all liability in the case that circumstances which disable the use of the Website arise.


The Customer has the right to, without specifying the reason, terminate the Purchase Agreement concluded via the Website unilaterally within 14 days from the day when the Customer or a party appointed by the Customer has come in possession of the Product. The Customer may do it through any type of unambiguous written statement sent to Seller's email, address or fax of the Seller referred to in an electronic order confirmation, in which the name and surname, address, telephone number or email of the Customer shall be listed as well as the information on the ordered or delivered product.

The unilateral termination of the agreement form can be downloaded at the following link: OBRAZAC

The period for unilateral termination is 14 days from the day when the goods, which are the subject of the agreement, were delivered to the Customer or a third party appointed by the Customer, that not being the courier.

If the Customer terminates this Agreement unilaterally, the Seller shall provide a refund for the funds received from the Customer, including delivery costs, without delay and no later than 14 days from the daywhen the Customer's decision on unilateral termination of the agreement was received, unless the Customer chose another delivery method which is not the most affordable standard delivery the Seller offered.

The refund shall be provided by using the same method the Customer used for the payment. If the Customer agrees to another method for receiving the refund, the Customer shall not bear any costs regarding the refund.

It shall be considered that the Customer fulfilled the obligation in a timely manner if the Customer sends or hands over the goods to the Seller before the expiry of the above time period, i.e., to the person authorized by the Seller for the acceptance of the goods.

The refund shall be made after the Seller receives the Product at the address noted on the invoice. The Customer shall bear the costs of returning the goods. Returned Products must be unused, undamaged and in the original packaging accompanied by a copy of the invoice. The Customer shall be held liable for all reductions in value of the goods arising as a result of handling, except those necessary for establishing the nature, features and functionality of the Product.

The Customer shall not be entitled to unilateral termination of the Purchase Agreement in cases defined by Article 79 of the Consumer Protection Act, especially in cases if:

  1. the Seller fully met the Service Agreement, and this began with the explicit and prior consent of the Customer and with the Customer's confirmation that the Customer is aware of the fact that the right to unilateral termination of the Agreement in this section will be lost if the service is completely satisfied.
  2. The subject of the Agreement are perishable goods or goods with a short expiration date
  3. the subject of the Agreement are goods with a sealed edge which, due to health or hygienic reasons, are not suitable for return, if unsealed upon delivery.

The Customer is, in accordance with Article 77, paragraph 5 of Consumer Protection Act, liable for all reductions of the purchased product value, which are the result of handling the purchased product. In the case of returning the used goods without all the corresponding packaging or if it was not restored to its original condition identical to the one at the date of purchase, the Customer shall be held liable for the value of returned goods, i.e., the minimum amount of 100 HRK. In the case of returning goods that were obviously used, the Seller is entitled to refuse to provide a refund.

Confirmation of notice on unilateral termination of the Agreement receipt shall be delivered to the Customer by the Seller, without delay, via email.


In accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, the Seller enables his Customers to send their complaints by post to Vukomerečka 2, 10010 Zagreb or via email to after which the Seller shall notify the Customer on the received complaint. The Customer will respond to all comments and complaints no later than 15 days from the day of receiving the complaint. For the Seller to confirm the receipt of the written complaint and respond to it, in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, the Customer needs to list correct information in order to receive the response.

Regulation (EU) No 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 May 2013 on online dispute resolution for consumer disputes that became valid on 9 January 2016, the Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) Platform was put into operation, available at:


All the material on the Website, and which includes texts, images, illustrations, animations, trade marks, audio, video and other unmentioned parts of the Website content are owned by the Seller, or the Seller has and retains the right of use. Copying, citation, downloading, publishing, distribution or any other form of use without the permission of the Seller, in accordance with the Copyright and Related Right Act, is not permitted


Personal data of the Customers obtained via the Website are protected and are kept permanently in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. Customer's personal data shall be used for concluding and fulfilling agreements and services that are the subject of these General Terms and Conditions only. Personal data may be used for informing the Customer on product offers and other similar communication. All user and customer data are strictly confidential and available only to authorized personnel and those who require such data to perform their duties. The Customer is authorized to request for personal data to be completed, rectified or erased, as well as to object to personal data processing for information purposes.

The Customer guarantees that the data provided are accurate, complete, up-to-date and true, and by accepting these General Terms and Conditions agrees for his or her personal data to be used for the aforementioned purposes.

All communication relating to the process of ordering and concluding of the Purchase Agreement between the Customer and the Seller is carried out via email and/or the phone number entered by the Customer during the registration process.

In the event of a dispute before a court, the court with the subject matter jurisdiction shall have territorial jurisdiction in the territory where the seat of the Seller is located.


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