Super Nourishing Dry Oil


A mixture of 10 natural, high-quality, nourishing oils, enriched with vitamins A and E, it provides a unique skin care cocktail during the sensitive period of pregnancy. While olive, almond, avocado and castor oils feed and nourish the skin, the apricot, argan, jojoba, macadamia and wheat germ oils contribute to the elasticity of the skin and prevent formation of stretch marks. This super oil with its pleasant and delicate aroma is great for skin and it is ideal for massage.

Herbal ingredients: hazelnut, macadamia, castor, apricot, almond, avocado, wheat germ and olive oils.

Nett amount: 150 ml

Instructions for use

Apply dry oil on cleansed skin of tummy, thighs and legs and gently massage. Repeat several times a day if the skin is dry and if you feel slight tightening.