Serum for accelerating tanning and maintenance of a tan


An innovative serum which has the role of naturally stimulating skin tanning and preserving a bronze tan. The formula, enriched with a PHOTOTAN complex and HYDRAOX complex, stimulates the natural process of tanning and preserves hydration. Easy to use – a "booster" is added to the moisturizing cream, sunscreen and after-sun products to stimulate tanning and to maintain a bronze tan. PHOTOTAN complex contains ingredients that stimulate tanning, while HYDRAOX complex combines aloe vera, green tea and caffeine which maintain hydration and smooth the skin.

Natural ingredients: green tea, caffeine, aloe vera

Nett amount: 50 ml

Instructions for use

Add several drops of serum to the skin care product - moisturizer or sunscreen. After use, wash your hands thoroughly. It is recommended that you start applying the serum two weeks before sunbathing; to accelerate the process of gaining a bronze tan, mix it with your favorite Biobaza jam or dry oil, and to keep your bronze tan even after returning from vacation, continue to use it in combination with a moisturizer or BIOBAZA S.O.S yoghurt.