Rapid6 Toothpaste


Biobaza Rapid6 toothpaste does not contain fluoride, SLS, parabens or sugar, and due to its natural ingredients and patented formula without abrasives, it protects the teeth against the formation of plaque, strengthens and protects the gums. Enriched with an innovative ingredient*OMD that is clinically proven to remineralise tooth enamel, making teeth stronger and less sensitive to heat and cold, it also helps to maintain the natural whiteness and provides complete protection of the oral cavity.

* Calcium carbonate specially structured for use in oral hygiene. Thanks to its composition, it enables the remineralisation of teeth, smoothes their surface, and gradually returns their natural whiteness and shine. It is not abrasive and does not contain nanoparticles.

Herbal ingredients: mint oil, coconut oil, nettle extract, stevia extract

Nett amount: 100 ml

Instructions for use

For effective dental and oral hygiene we recommend brushing teeth after every meal. Apply toothpaste on the brush and brush teeth in circular motions and massage gums for at least 2 minutes. Keep swallowing of the paste to a minimum and rinse. Not recommended for children under 12 years old.