Nikel Cream with Tea-Tree


Cream with tea-tree decreases sebum secretion and pimple formation without drying the skin. The tea-tree essence provides a lasting anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial effect. It slowly releases upon contact with skin. Vitamin F calms and restores the epidermis. Results are visible after only 2 weeks of application! decreases sebum secretion and pimple formation dries pimples and decreases its formation restores the epidermis, reduces irritation and redness tightens pores gives a matte effect.

Nett amount: 50 ml

Instructions for use

For day and night care. Apply the cream on a thoroughly cleansed and washed face (or back) after washing your face with Nikel Face Wash Gel with hamamelis and tonify your face with Nikel Lavender Tonic.