LiceGuard Lice & Egg Shampoo (+ Comb)


The LiceGuard shampoo breaks down the bonds that attach lice and nits to hair so that they can be combed much more easily and in larger numbers. At the same time, it softens the hair, making combing the lice and nits even easier. LiceGuard shampoo is very mild and can be used every day. The set also includes a comb for lice and nits. Solid metal, anti-corrosive, rounded teeth are precisely positioned with the optimum spacing to prevent nits from leaking, unlike similar combs. The comb can be washed in boiling water. Set LiceGuard Shampoo + LiceGuard Comb is ideal for combing lice and nits from hair.

Nett amount: LiceGuard Shampoo - 120 ml