Hydratonic moisturizing cream


Unique natural formulation of this cream has triple activity – hydrates, plumps and fortifies the skin, providing it with a fresh, youthful and blissful appearance. The cocktail of squalene, the natural ingredient identic to oils from the skin that disappear as skin ages, and high-quality oils with antioxidative effect, stimulates processes of rejuvenation, protection against early signs of ageing and natural hydration balance. The cream formula is rich in green tea extract and other natural ingredients with Ecocert certificate, beneficial for the detoxification of skin, as well as replacement of collagen, vitamin C and other ingredients that plump the skin provide radiant complexion.

The light, non-greasy formula refreshes the skin and gives a pleasant feeling after each application, and it’s the perfect base for make-up.

Natural ingredients: Green tea extract, shea butter, grape seed oil, apricot oil, avocado oil, jojoba seed oil

Nett amount: 50 ml

Instructions for use

Apply to clean and dry skin in the morning and in the evening.