Pronađeno 10 product/s

Besides the selected products of premium natural local and foreign cosmetics and food supplements that you can find at, we also want to introduce you to the products of our Nemus Lex d.o.o.  company and brands we represent regionally.
On the website you can find the whole Pharmoval product line which is a Croatian food supplement product line that also includes certain cosmetic products. The product range was carefully developed and designed for human body's special needs even at the youngest age. It has products that are beneficial for a whole range of health issues. Immune system products under the trade name Imunosal with the extremely popular beta glucan and a unique combination of vitamins and minerals are pointed out especially.
We also offer the products of international brands: Babysense respiratory monitor and Wilkinet baby carrier. We are also exclusive distributors of highly effective and popular products for head lice detection and elimination – Liceguard. The product line has several products but the unique electronic comb stands out in the market – Robi Comb Pro.

Have a look and see for yourself what makes our products special. For all additional information feel free to contact us at our customer support email address or info phone +3851/2945-071.