Clinic Professional

CLINIC PROFESSIONAL Disinfectant for dry hand washing and surface cleaning - spray, 500 ml


CLINIC PROFESSIONAL is a liquid disinfectant for dry hand washing and cleaning of varius surfaces. It gives skin feeling of pleasant freshness. Does not causes dryness or irritations. It is used on all types of surfaces for cleaning and disinfection. 

Active ingredients: Ethanol (60% ), Benzalkonium chloride (0,1%)

Nett amount: 500 ml

Instructions for use

For disinfection of hand, apply richly to cleansedand dry skin (at least 3 ml) and rub in thoroughly while skin is not completely  dray (at least 30 seconds). For cleaning and disinfection of surfaces, leave on for few minutes and wipe dry with a towel.

Purpose of the biocidal product: Product type 1(biocidal products for personal hygiene of humans), 2 (disinfection and hygiene of hausehold and public areas) - liquid.

Warning: In susceptible persons, prolonged contactcan cause skin irritants. In case of contant with eyes, rinse  with lukewarm water for several minutes. In case of ingestion , do not induce vomiting. Rinse mouth and drink plenty of water, and seek medical attention if necessary.