Biovitalis Marigold balm


100% natural balm, without preservatives, with high levels of CO2 extract of calendula and chamomile, and lavender essential oil.

It has a beneficial effect on red and sensitive skin. It softens and protects dry, rough and cracked skin. Promotes regeneration and soothes irritated skin after waxing, shaving. It is also recommended for the care and protection of the nipples during breastfeeding.

Nett amount: 100 ml

Instructions for use

Advice for pregnant women
During the most beautiful period of life, during pregnancy, nourish the skin with completely natural Nourishing Butter.

Apply it daily to the skin of the body, especially to parts of the body that are prone to stretch marks (belly, chest, thighs).Prepare breast nipples for their most important role in breastfeeding. Nourish them with Neven conditioner in the last quarter and continue with daily breastfeeding care.