Beach Body Detox Cream


Biobaza Beach Body Detox cream refreshes the skin with its light, airy texture, while providing a powerful skincare. A formula rich in high-quality antioxidants – nettle and birch leaf extracts, caffeine, grape seed oil and vitamine E, stimulates skin regeneration and ability to defend against free radicals. With nourishing butters and oils, the Cream perfectly nourishes and restores hydro-lipid balance of the skin, with the irresistible scent of summer. Made for indulgence in silky smooth and elastic skin, this Cream is ideal for beach preparation of the most challenging body parts - the thighs, bottom, belly and upper arms.

Natural ingredients: almond oil, caffeine, birch leaf extract, nettle leaf extract, grape seed oil, shea butter

Nett amount: 400 g

Instructions for use

USAGE: Apply to clean skin and allow to absorb.